The University works in various ways to comply with the Welsh Language Standards. This includes promoting students' and the public's rights to use Welsh, making the most of staff Welsh skills and establishing internal procedures for monitoring compliance. 

The material below explains how the University intends to comply, and its progress against the aims.

How does the University comply with the Welsh Language Standards?

In line with the Welsh Language Standards, the University is expected to take certain steps to outline how it will promote the use of the Welsh language at the University and how it will comply with the Welsh Language Standards. This is done through internal monitoring procedures and by publishing:  

  • Learning Opportunities - assessing the need for learning opportunities through the medium of Welsh.

  • Policy on awarding grants/providing financial assistance (Welsh language). The University has published a Policy on Awarding Grants/Providing Financial Assistance Published in line with the requirements of the Welsh Language Standards (No.6) Regulations 2017
Policy on awarding grants and providing financial assistance