Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Courses

Learn how to design aerospace vehicles from a blank piece of paper

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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is an exciting discipline that deals with designing, building, analysing and testing machines that fly, such as propeller-driven and jet powered planes, helicopters, gliders and space vehicles. It involves using scientific and engineering principles to understand how things work, how to make them better, solve problems and develop new technology.

If you are an inquisitive person who is always curious about how things work, with an interest in design, maths, and using science and technology to put things in the sky and into space, then Aerospace Engineering is right for you. 

Here at Swansea, we are geared towards teaching students how to design aerospace vehicles from a blank piece of paper. We are set apart from our competitors as we are a world-leader in Computational Methods and Engineering which is essential in the Aerospace industry, giving you the upper hand in the working world which has been proven by the employment prospect of our graduates.

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