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Transforming lives and futures – Strategic Plan 2020

This Strategic Plan 2020 embraces every part of the University and all our activities. However, throughout this complexity runs a simple implicit theme: we are going to compete successfully with the traditional “elite” universities not because we are the same as them but because we are different.

We share with other leading universities an emphasis on the highest quality of research, but also prioritise maintaining a balance between excellent research and teaching, driving social mobility, and making an extensive economic, social and health impact throughout the region and beyond. We care about our students, preparing them for both a good career and a good life. We also care about using our research and scholarship to make an impact on the world.

We have become an agile, effective and confident University. We are proud of our distinctive strengths and determined to set our own agendas.

This is the fourth phase of our ambitious “Strategic Directions” strategy launched in 2004. Through the exceptional performance of colleagues across the University, we have achieved a transformation in quality and scale which is being noticed and is having a significant effect on our global reputation. We have approached our Centenary Year in 2020 with pride in what has been achieved and the realistic determination to maintain this heady rate of progress. The Strategic Plan 2020 outlines how this will be done.

The Plan has been refined through a series of engagement events with staff and students. It represents our motivations and ambitions with a strong sense of a community working together with common purpose. We can all be assured that Swansea University has the energy, commitment and drive for the next phase of its development.