When moving to a new country, one of the most important things to know is what the culture is like and how to behave in certain situations.

You may have an idea of what the British culture is like from television, literature and movies, but here are some more interesting cultural things you need to know:

  • You should always be punctual. Being late is considered rude. If you are going to be late, make sure you inform those you are meeting.
  • Don’t push into lines or queues.
  • Personal space is essential in the UK. Generally, keep an arms length between you and the person you are speaking with.
  • The British are generally very polite. Common words include please, thank you and sorry.
  • If on public transport, always stand to provide a seat for older people, pregnant women and disabled people.
  • The British do not usually make constant eye contact, especially with strangers.
  • If you are invited to someone’s home always bring a small gift that can be shared. For example, food, chocolates, alcohol or flowers.
  • When at the pub, British people will take turns buying each other drinks. This is called a ‘round’ of drinks.
  • When at the table, your fork is in the left hand and your knife is in the right.