Alex Shufflebotham

Alex Shufflebotham (Aerospace Engineering): Semester Abroad Texas A&M University

Alex was awarded a scholarship from the British American Foundation of Texas (BAFTX) for his study abroad in Texas: “Without the BAFTX Scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to visit Texas and broaden my horizons in the way that I did. 

The best thing about studying abroad was being able to experience the different way of life and work ethic, and being able to visit the Johnson Space Centre in Houston and Brownsville, where the SpaceX South Texas launch site is located.

Studying abroad has enabled me to think bigger and take on challenges I previously thought I wasn't capable of." 

Emily Nar (Aerospace Engineering): Semester Abroad, Texas A&M University

"I chose to study abroad because I wanted to gain experience of studying in a different environment, surrounded by a different culture. It was easy to meet new people at Texas A&M because everyone was so friendly. 

The best thing about the exchange was the amount of knowledge I learnt, both academically and socially. It was definitely an experience to look back on and be proud of.

The experience definitely changed me as a person: It made me a lot more independent, taught me to be resilient and made me more mature and aware in new situations."

Emily Nar
Scott Rosser

Scott Rosser (Zoology): Year Abroad, University of Houston:

"I liked that the degree scheme was flexible and I was able to take a wide variety of classes. 

The city of Houston has much to offer and the highlights were attending a Houston Rockets NBA game at the Toyota Center and watching the Houston Astros play baseball.

At Christmas time me and a fellow Swansea student travelled to New York and on Christmas day we rented bicycles and explored Central Park. We also went to South Padre for Spring Break: I’d seen movies of what spring break entailed and South Padre island did not disappoint!"

Poornima Ramesh (Medical Sciences): Summer Programme Baylor College of Medicine

"I was attracted to the programme as I am considering a career in medicine and research, specifically surgery and surgical techniques.

The experience changed me as a person: it made me more able to speak spontaneously, to lead, and prepared me for my next years of study. I have been able to build strong networks with people in Texas which will help me in my future career.

It was an unforgettable experience which has helped shape the person I want to be."

Poornima Ramesh
Ben Bottrill

Ben Bottrill (Chemical Engineering): Semester Abroad, Texas A&M University

"The main attraction of the exchange was personal development, not just in an academic way but also in a social and cultural way. The cultural differences between Swansea and Texas are notable, and one of the biggest differences was the energy associated with the Aggie spirit of students and alumni at Texas A&M.

The exchange definitely changed me: it allowed me to become more confident and proved to me that I have the ability to be able to solve problems successfully. My experience in Texas was a challenging one but one which I will relish for a long time."

Kate Miller (Psychology): Year Abroad, University of Texas at Austin

“I really loved the city of Austin. There was so much to do and there was a fantastic happy vibe of 'Keeping Austin Weird'. I loved how quirky Austin was, and how it was a mixture of a built up city and peaceful green area, with the picturesque lake and park right next to downtown.

The best thing about my experience of studying abroad was the feeling of being completely independent. There was something about being in a new place, miles away from your comfort zone that was terrifying but at the same time extremely rewarding when I succeeded.”

Kate Miller
Constantinos Demetriou

Costas Demetriou (Medical Sciences): Summer Programme Baylor College of Medicine

"The experience exceeded my expectations by far! We participated in activities such as a surgical simulation where we were trained on skills such as suturing and the endoscope use, think tanks, a mitral valve replacement surgery observation, and histology and lab work. 

The programme helped me cultivate a wide range of skills specific to the medical career that I want to follow as well as employability skills. Being encouraged to think out of the box challenged me and enhanced my critical thinking and analysis. I am now inspired to work harder and enlightened with new ambitions and goals."

Dominica Khoo (Environmental Engineering): Semester Abroad, Texas A&M University

“The exchange programme enhanced my student experience both academically and culturally. It prepared me to face different challenges and made me more self-sufficient, confident and independent. 

Texas A&M is very much about community, tradition, loyalty and optimism and I made some great friends.

I’d recommended the exchange to anyone because you will gain precious experiences, memories, friendships and knowledge to last a lifetime. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Dominica Khoo
Tara Murphy

Tara Murphy (PPE): Semester abroad, University of Texas at Austin:

“I had the opportunity to undertake an internship in the Texas State Capitol where I worked for a State Senator from San Antonio.

My responsibilities included policy research in relation to potential legislation, writing speeches for the Senator, explaining legislation for constituents, writing press releases, and lobbying other state officials on behalf of constituents.

I also had the opportunity to suggest and draft an equal pay bill to be put before the Senate, which was pretty amazing!”

Natalia Wisniewska (Chemical Engineering): Semester Abroad, Texas A&M University

“Texas A&M is one of the world’s best universities for Chemical Engineering and my experience was unforgettable!

We were made to feel at home from the moment we arrived and the social life quickly made me feel part of the University’s amazing student community. I am from Poland and I loved the opportunity to meet new people and learn about other cultures.

Academically, the exchange gave me a lot of hands-on experience and improved my engineering and transferable skills, as well as boosting my confidence in facing new challenges.”

Student Natalia Wisniewska