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Sustainability Training Opportunities

Our Sustainability team offer a variety of training courses, targeted at different stakeholder groups including academic, technical, admin and support staff, postgraduate students, contractors and visitors.

What training courses are available?

The University induction and College/Professional Service Unit inductions include elements of Sustainability. Other more specialist training run by the team includes:

  • Introduction to Laboratory Health, Safety and Sustainability
  • Chemical Inventory (Quartzy)
  • Conservation and Environmental Protection on Campus
  • Environmental Management System Overview
  • Environmental Management for Senior Management
  • Waste and Recycling Awareness
  • Travel Champion
  • Ride Leader Training
  • Sustainability for Affiliated Staff

How do I book on to a course?

Click the link below to find a full list of training courses and information on how to book.

What if attending the scheduled courses doesn’t work for me?

If the scheduled sessions don't work for your needs, contact the Sustainability team for further advice.