Lab impact & our LEAF programme

The University has committed to reducing its carbon emissions with zero carbon from Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2035, accompanied by challenging Scope 3 targets. In order for us to achieve this we need to consider how we operate in all spaces across the University, including labs and workshops.

What can we do to improve the sustainability of our lab operations?

By acknowledging the impact of our research, we can improve the sustainability of our operations. Methods to achieve this could include: be aware of all operational procedures relevant to your activities, consider sustainability opportunities and impacts in your grant applications, join your local Safety & Sustainability Network to share ideas across the University.

LEAF is open to all labs on campus to help reduce the environmental impact. Labs that join LEAF can also access our Sustainable Labs Grant that is available to support labs in becoming more innovative and sustainable.

Find out below the benefits of joining LEAF, as well as some Top Tips for a sustainable lab. Check out our guidance videos below for more support. For further information and guidance, find our operational procedures, or join LEAF to access our resource pack!