Students sitting on NTU sign

Each summer, NTU welcomes visiting students to enjoy taking academic studies over five academic tracks covering:

  • Track 1: Language and Cultural Studies
  • Track 2: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Track 3: Creative Design and Media
  • Track 4: Success in the Globalised Marketplace
  • Track 5: New Technologies, New World

During the programme, students will be inspired by NTU faculty known for their academic and practical experience and build a network of talented global classmates across diverse background and regions.

You are allowed to register up to 2 courses within each track or across different tracks if timetables allow. For full details, visit the NTU website. Please note, any credits gained during this summer programme cannot be used towards your Swansea University degree. You will be applying as a fee-paying student, not as an exchange student.

Please note, due to the pandemic, NTU may be offering the programme in hybrid mode. Students who are able to fly in can participate in physical classes, alternatively via synchronous online classes where they are. This is subject to travel restrictions, government guidelines and university considerations.  

Students interested in applying for this programme must notify the Go Global team in order to be nominated.