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The 4-week International Summer Programme at the University of Alberta aims to combine Canadian Studies, Intercultural Learning, Graduate Research Exposure and local volunteering experiences. There will also be some time for summer fun activities in Canada. 

During this programme, you will develop knowledge about Canada, competences in intercultural communication and understanding of what it is like to work on research projects in a graduate programme in Canada. 

The International Summer Programme provides curriculum content in four theme areas: Canadian Studies, Intercultural Communication, Graduate Research and Community Engagement. 

  • Canadian Studies: A series of lectures will be included in this module to help students understand Canada as a country, including its population, geography, economy and culture. Students will be encouraged to engage in comparative studies with their home countries. Site visits will be organized to the Provincial government of Alberta and the Municipal government of Edmonton.  
  • Intercultural Learning: This module will engage students in intercultural learning with a series of seminars on important topics, such as broad cultural categories, small culture observations, intercultural identity development and global competence & leadership. The goal is to enhance students’ complex understanding of cross-cultural issues and improve their cross-cultural competencies. 
  • Graduate Research: This module aims to expose participating students to the diverse research projects conducted by graduate students in diverse disciplines, from Science to Humanities, from Medicine to Engineering, at the University of Alberta. The goal is to inspire students’ research interests and aspirations for graduate studies. In addition to research presentations, research lab visits will be organized. 
  • Community Engagement: An important Canadian value is being involved in one's community. Community engagement is about people working collaboratively towards a common future, drawing strength from each other and from the diversity of their perspectives. This module will engage students in examining some of the issues related to volunteerism, running non-profit organizations, and participating in some volunteering activities in the city of Edmonton.

The programme will be available from 10th of July to 4th of August 2023 and include both lectures and site visits.

More information can be found on the University of Alberta website