Summer abroad opportunities are a fanastic way to gain cultural and international experience in addition to your studies. Programmes typically range from 2 - 8 weeks and provide you with the chance to gain cultural, volunteering and/or academic experience in another country. 

Generous funding is available to cover some of the associated costs and additional support is available for any students who meet widening participation criteria.

All programmes are offered subject to full travel approval.Students will be required to complete the university’s international travel approval process in order to participate in summer programmes and receive any associated funding.

Swansea University’s travel cover is in place for students whose travel plans have been approved by the university. However, Swansea University’s travel cover does not cover any disruption arising out of Covid-19. Students are therefore responsible for any potential financial loss resulting from disruption caused by Covid-19. For full details of the University’s travel cover, please visit

It is your responsibility to confirm cancellation and refund policies with your programme provider and your travel provider.

Volunteering Programmes

Taking part in a volunteering programme gives you a chance to help make a difference, gain some experience, and explore another country. 

Camp America (closed)

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Internship programmes

Completing an internship gives you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and boost your employability, while also having the chance to get a feel for a new city. 

Culture and Study Programmes

Take part in a cultural programme to learn more about and experience another culture. Alternatively sign up for a study program to explore your subject area in greater detail or learn something new this summer. 

Aarhus University, Denmark (Closed)

Aarhus University

Mannheim Business School, Germany Closed)


HKBU, Hong Kong (Closed)

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