At Swansea University, our community is our strength, and we take pride in the incredible diversity of our community. But we want to do more than just pay lip service to our ethos of diversity and inclusivity. Representation and visibility are so important in helping to reassure future generations that they belong, that they deserve to be proud of who they are, and that Swansea will always be a safe space to express yourself. 

During Pride month, we are celebrating stories of individuality, inclusivity, finding your community, and being proud of who you are #OurSwanseaPride

What does pride mean to you?

If you would like to feature in the campaign this month email Crystal or DM us on Instagram @SwanseaUni 

Tag your Instagram Stories and photos throughout the month with @SwanseaUni and #OurSwanseaPride and search OurSwanseaPride on Instagram for GIFs and Stickers.

Vogue Zumba

22 June - 4:00pm-5:00pm - Bay Campus Sports Park

Zumba sign held by a pair of hands over a red background

Pride: Drag Night - The Gay Ball at JC's

25 June - 6pm-11pm

three drag queens in a line with their back to the camera, pink nightsky backdrop

Bay Campus LGBT+ Staff drop-in

30 June - 12:00 - 14:00

hands holding a PRIDE themed paper heart in the woods