By Mikaela Price 

Are you looking to take Instagram worthy pictures in and around Swansea but are not sure of the best spots to do so? Well you’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled a list of the 5 most instagrammable spots in Swansea and tips on how to get the best photos out of them. So, let’s begin...

Mikaela Price

1. Swansea Beach, Bay Campus

We of course would not be able to create this list without mentioning some of the beautiful locations we have at the university! One of the biggest appeals of studying at Bay Campus is the beach that is right on our doorstep which is great for hanging out with your friends on sunny days and taking pictures.

It is pretty easy to take good photos of the beach, especially on bright summer days, but if you are worried that your pictures may look repetitive there are plenty of different spots to choose from to help prevent this:

These pictures were taken from the rocks on the clifftop behind the beach, which is a great place for taking pictures from a higher angle.

Swansea Bay
Swansea Bay Beach
Bay Accommodation near the beach

2. Clyne Gardens

Away from the university there are plenty of instagrammable spots in Swansea, such as Clyne Gardens in Mayals. This park is well known for its landscaped gardens and large displays of wildflowers, as well as the eye-catching red and white humpback bridge and staircase in the middle of the forest area.

When crossing the bridge you can see small waterfalls on either side of the railings, which gives the park a real enchanted forest vibe. These waterfalls can also been seen from the bottom of the forest and are equally as picturesque from that angle.

Bridge at Clyne Gardens.
Flowers Clyne Gardens
Clyne Gardens

3. Langland Bay

It’s pretty obvious that with so many beaches in Swansea it’s hard to choose just one, so I’ve decided to include two on this list! This beach is located in Langland and is known for being very popular. What sets this beach apart from the many others In Swansea is the row of green and white beach huts that sit just above the beach and can make a colourful backdrop for summertime pictures with friends.

I took these photos during ‘Golden Hour’, a small window which takes place 1 hour before the sun fully sets, and it helped make this view of the sea look even more incredible.

Langland beach huts
Langland bay

4. Wind Street

So if you are anything like me you may be slightly surprised to see Wind Street make this list, but it certainly has earned it’s place. Some of the daytime beauty of Wind Street is often overlooked since it is only thought of as the hotspot for nightlife in Swansea. Granted it doesn’t always look like this but when it does it makes a great Instagram picture.

I started by taking some pictures of the fountains at the top of Wind Street near the start of the town center. These fountains are usually lit up at night in purple which is also a great time to photograph them.

I then decided to move further down onto the main area of Wind Street where the clubs and restaurants are based.  

Wind street
Fountains at wind street

5. Pennard Castle

The final location on this list is Pennard Castle located just outside The Gower. Pennard Castle is a historic, ruined castle which overlooks Three Cliffs Bay and is located at the edge of a golf course.

This is the most ambitious spot to reach on this list as it requires a 30 minute walk through the golf course, but the view is well worth it.

Pennard castle
Pennard castle

And that’s a wrap! I hope you will visit these beauty spots for yourself in the future and discover many more in and around Swansea. Thanks for reading :)