Truc Thanh Le

Truc Thanh Le

MSc Management (Sustainable Business)

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?

Studying in Wales offers a great international education at an affordable price. You get to enjoy affordable living, surrounded by nature, and a welcoming community vibe in Swansea City. Plus, there's the bonus of breathtaking scenery with a beautiful bay, beaches, castles and mountains nearby, not to mention Swansea University is one of the most highly rated research universities in Wales. It's the perfect blend of academics and adventure!

Can you tell us about your course and what do you enjoy the most?

In my course, it's not just about book smarts. We have discussions, workshops, and presentations where we learn to collaborate, share ideas, and debate in a professional setting. Plus, I've picked up practical skills like strategic planning, critical thinking, and how to polish my CV to stand out to employers. I feel more confident speaking in public and presenting myself, which boosts my profile for future job opportunities. Swansea University is really focused on preparing us for successful careers after graduation.

What are your three favourite things about Swansea?

It’s a unique beach-front university. The self-study area in Bay Library and some classrooms do have a great view. Whether to read a book, have a run, a walk, or a chat, the long beautiful beach is my to-go.

It’s a friendly and affordable place to live. You'll have a good banter with the locals here. Just ask, you will have the answer. Swansea University staff are extremely helpful and professional.

Making friends from all around the world. It widens your horizon, opens your mind, and pushes your boundaries. Learning the British accent is great, but imagine now you can understand all kinds of English accents from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Asia, India, Africa, etc. How cool it is to say “Hello, how are you” in different languages which you have learnt from all your international friends!

Would you recommend Swansea University to other international students?

Absolutely! Without a doubt, Swansea is a fantastic city to call home. Swansea University warmly embraces students from across the globe, offering a vibrant community to thrive in. Picture it as a cosy, little universe where making lifelong friendships is as easy as pie, and exploring new interests is encouraged. Whether you're a science buff revelling in cutting-edge labs or a sports enthusiast taking advantage of facilities and sports clubs, there's something for everyone.