Susan Mary Sunny

Susan Mary Sunny

MSc International Business Management

I am currently pursuing my postgraduate degree in Swansea from the School of Management. My subject of specialization is International Business Management. Even though I am a software engineer, I have experience working as a Data Analyst for a Multinational Company. In my time there, I realized I thoroughly enjoyed understanding the business strategies adopted by our various clients and the importance of management in the corporate world.

As a Business Analyst in the making, Swansea’s programme seemed liked the perfect opportunity offering the best of services to students both domestic and international. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with my classmates on the assignments and attending doubt solving sessions with my professors.

The recordings and reading lists provided have been extremely helpful. The course design helps us understand the modules through practical examples and research.

Swansea is a beautiful city in Wales. However, here are a few reasons that personally influenced me to come to this place.

Swansea is the most economically feasible option for an overseas student like me. The availability of part-time jobs is more and the cost of living is considerably less compared to other places in the UK.

Swansea serves as the perfect destination to have time to yourself. Academics can be frustrating at times, having a beach to go and unwind definitely helps maintain your sanity and provides the much-needed rejuvenation.

It is a perfect blend of a planned city that has managed to conserve nature. It has all the amenities, megastores, theatres, gardens and recreational areas. The place is bustling with food trucks and eateries and the people are extremely warm and pleasant.

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