Muftau Baruwa in front of the College of Engineering

Muftau Baruwa

MSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Why did you decide to study MSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering?

I had my first degree in Electrical Engineering, hence I decided to advance my knowledge in the same field by pursuing a Master’s degree, which simultaneously boosts my prospects for jobs. Within 3 months of completion of my Master’s degree I was able to secure a job in my field of study.

 What was your favourite thing about your course?

I had three fond memories about my course which made it enjoyable and worthwhile:

  1. Lecturers were very accessible, hence I was able to meet them to clarify areas of difficulty prior to the exams. This boosted my performances and I made a Distinction in my Master’s degree.
  2. Well-equipped library with various study space to suit private or group study.
  3. Some lecture notes were available on blackboard (now known as Canvas) before the class, hence I was able to prep myself before the classes, and this made the lectures easy to follow and more interactive.  

Why did you decide to study your degree at Swansea University?

Swansea University had the core subjects in Electrical Engineering which were of particular interest for me in my Master’s degree. I was further inclined by the accessibility to the multi-faith prayer rooms.

What do you enjoy most about Swansea and Swansea University?

Swansea is a peaceful city, and most of the people I have met from taxi drivers, to shopkeepers and top professionals have been very nice, thus making Swansea a home away from home.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying Engineering at Swansea University?

If you are seeking a serene environment for learning and development, with close access to the beach to relax at intervals. I strongly believe Swansea University is your top choice. 

Why did you decide to Postgraduate Research at Swansea? Are you enjoying it?

I was keen on becoming an expert in my field, hence I decided to pursue a postgraduate research. I had excellent supervisors that provided continuous guidance and support all through the program. I am currently rounding up, and I have been able to publish several papers in top journals.  

What are you planning/hoping to do after doing your Postgraduate Research

I hope to work apply the knowledge and expertise I have gained in the industry, to ensure smooth transition from fossil-fuel-based energy and transport systems to sustainable, net-zero transportation and power systems