Eloise Stocker

Eloise Stocker

United Kingdom
BSc Psychology

I started my Psychology course at Swansea in 2018 and lived on Singleton Campus in the Cefn Bryn building. One of my favourite things about living in Swansea was the beaches (obviously!). It was great to have such an amazing space right on my doorstep. Another thing I really enjoyed was the campus aspect of the university. You are in such close proximity to everything and everyone, which made socialising and learning so much easier. My favourite thing about my course was definitely the research project in third year. I loved that I had free reign to research a topic of my choice and felt very proud when I had finished. I also liked that I could choose my modules in third year. My favourites were work psychology and positive psychology, both of which informed my postgraduate path. I graduated in 2021 and I am currently doing a master’s in occupational psychology at the University of the West of England. My experience at Swansea was unforgettable and I would definitely recommend it to other students!

Did you participate in a Swansea University sports team/club?

I learnt to row through Swansea University Rowing Club in my first year. I am so glad I joined because it was one of my favourite experiences at university. The training really pushes you – but in a good way, and they also had great socials on a Wednesday sports night. Loved my time in SURC but didn’t always love the 6am morning sessions!

Were you part of a society?

No, although I did go on a few psychology socials, and they were very fun!

Did you live in halls during your studies?

I lived on Singleton Campus in Cefn Bryn. Sharing a kitchen with 18 people was a challenge at times but having that many people around made it such a social experience and there was always something to do.

Did you work part-time during your degree?

I worked part-time in a bar, but only for a few months as I found that university work paired with being part of a sports team and a part-time job was too much. I would work at home during summer and Christmas breaks instead.