Aneirin Karadog

Aneirin Karadog

PhD Welsh

The opportunity to get back into academia was very appealing and a chance to rediscover a lot about myself.

After 11 years of being in the world of work I decided to study for a doctorate. Having worked as a researcher in the television world, I was fascinated by research in its nature. Exploring deeper and re-learning academic techniques opened up many opportunities for me.

My research area was Welsh poetry. I looked at the relationship between the poet, his medium and his audience. In the end, I tried to find out if there is the perfect poem, which can transcend all media and audiences. Having the opportunity to focus on creative writing and compulsion to do so as part of the degree was heaven for someone who loves to write, it was a must have every day! There were also opportunities to teach as part of the doctoral degree - this was exciting.

My advice to prospective students is that there are no disadvantages to studying a postgraduate degree. If you are not sure what you want to do, this can help you focus your career path and channel your energy into a particular element and area.