Welcome to Swansea!

Please read our enrolment, arrivals and welcome pages and pre-arrival guidelines we will be sending to your personal and University email addresses to ensure you have all the information you need to make sure the start of your year runs smoothly.

What is Enrolment?

All students must enrol before they can officially study at Swansea University, including students studying at partner institutions.

When enrolling you will:

  • Register your proof of identity, nationality and right to study.
  • Agree online to be a student at Swansea University for the academic year, or part of the academic year.
  • Agree online to abide by the University's regulations and policies.
  • Verify and update your personal data
  • Check and select online the modules you will be studying (where applicable).
  • Pay your tuition fees online or have a student loan or proof a sponsor, bursary, scholarship or grant will pay your tuition fee.
  • Collect your University ID card and confirm your identity in person (where applicable).
  • Attend induction and welcome events

If you do not enrol you will not be able to:

  • Claim your University ID card
  • Receive your Student Finance Loan or other bursary/scholarship payments (where applicable)
  • Access resources for your programme of study
  • Participate in assessment
  • Access additional University services and information
  • Receive proof of enrolment letters for third parties (for example to open a Bank account)
  • Live in a University residence (where applicable)
  • Receive Council Tax exemption