Planting seagrass as part of the Seagrass Ocean Rescue project
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I am a PhD Candidate, Demonstrator, and Research Technician in the Department of Biosciences, Swansea University.

As a PhD Candidate, I study the movement and behavioural ecology of seals (grey and harbour seals) in tidally energetic environments, and their potential interactions with marine renewable energy (MRE) devices.

As a Demonstrator I teach students from Foundation to Postgraduate level, with experience demonstrating on the following modules: BIO012, BIO013, BIO014, BIO105, BIO106, BIO109, , BIO228, BIO252, BIO318, BIO334, and BIZ300. I have also delivered lectures for BIO318.

As a Research Technician I work on the Seagrass Ocean Rescue project, working to restore seagrass meadows in the UK using our bespoke restoration methods, in conjunction with Project Seagrass, WWF and Sky Ocean Rescue. This project is the first of its kind and currently the largest project restoring seagrass in the UK, with 2 hectares of seagrass meadow planted to date. I contribute expertise in both grant and report writing, and commercial marine fieldwork operations as a commercial skipper and HSE diver, with over 8 years’ experience as a SCUBA diving and powerboating instructor. I also provide support to the SEACAMS team on an ad-hoc basis towards their Marine Benthic Ecology and Open Water Ecology research projects.


Areas Of Expertise

  • Movement Ecology
  • Biologging/Biotelemetry
  • Marine Ecology
  • Seagrass Restoration
  • Data Analysis, Statistics and R Coding
  • Commercial Skipper and HSE SCUBA diver
  • Marine Mammals
  • Science Policy

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests
Delivering a policymaking for ecologists workshop


I am an Associate Fellow of the HEA. I am also a SCUBA diving and powerboating instructor. My teaching interests comprise four broad categories:

Analytical skills

Experimental design, data analysis and visualisation, statistics, R coding, GIS.

Movement Ecology

Teaching and providing supervision and mentorship in movement ecology, including the design and deployment of animal tracking devices and the techniques to analyse the data obtained (e.g. state-space models)

Practical marine field skills

SCUBA diving and powerboating, chatwork and navigation, intertidal sampling, marine taxonomic ID skills, marine mammal and seabird survey methods

Employability skills

CVs, cover letters, job applications and interview techniques. Scientific presentations and posters.

Research Award Highlights Collaborations