Professor Serena Margadonna

Chair, Chemical Engineering
Office - 405
Fourth Floor
Engineering North
Bay Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


Professor Margadonna has recently been appointed as a Chair in Materials Engineering.

Her work has been inspired by the simple realisation that major advances in modern technology are always driven by the availability of materials which possess a number of functionalities and are able to operate at different length scales, in harsh conditions such as extremes of pressures/temperature and highly corrosive environments. The performance requirements for materials are increasingly demanding and necessitate a truly multidisciplinary research.

Professor Margadonna over the years has acquired knowledge and know-how in a number of fields in science starting from her chemical background, indispensable for the design and production of new materials, through condensed matter physics and process engineering. This has been achieved by working in a variety of academic environments and visiting a number of international laboratories which have resulted in the establishment of contacts and collaborations with world leading scientist. Her interdisciplinary approach produced a number of significant advances which have attracted peer-recognition as shown by a number of high-impact publications and international awards.

Professor Margadonna’s current research focusses on new materials and process technologies all related to energy production, transport and storage. Her vision is to give a contribution to the global energy challenge by developing cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions.