Professor Peter Holliman

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Academic Office - A226
Second Floor
Engineering East
Bay Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


I joined Swansea in 2017 as Chemistry Engineering Steel Bridge Professor. My research interests are industry facing and relate to advanced materials and related manufacturing processes. Hence, we use fundamental chemical understanding of molecules and interfaces to understand and solve large-scale materials engineering and manufacturing issues.

We research in 3 main areas:

  • Renewable energy; particularly materials chemistry for solar cell manufacturing
  • Advanced steel technology; particularly decarbonisation of iron making and new product development
  • Water; particularly contaminant fate and selective water treatment

Areas Of Expertise

  • Synthetic and materials chemistry
  • Advanced devices such as photovoltaics (solar cells)
  • High temperature thermal chemistry
  • Steel manufacturing and value-added products
  • Surface chemistry and sorption processes
  • Water treatment
  • Manufacturing optimisation

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

EG-290 Order and Disorder in Materials

Introduction to imperfections in crystals; point defects (impurities and vacancies), line defects (dislocations) and planar defects (interfaces and grain boundaries). Understanding of crystal growth and defects. The positive and negative effects of defects on different types of crystalline materials; and how understanding can lead to control.

Research Collaborations