Dr Noemi Picco

Senior Lecturer, Mathematics
Office - 339
Third Floor
Computational Foundry
Bay Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


I work at the interface between mathematics and biology. My main focus is on mathematical modelling of health and disease. I use a range of theoretical and computational tools to describe the dynamical interactions occurring at different spatial and temporal scales. I have been studying the interactions between a tumour and its environment using individual-based models coupled to partial differential equations. I am using population dynamics to study the development of the cerebral cortex and to map the divergent evolutionary trajectories that give rise to differences between mammalian species. I am currently working on a number of other applications, including early diagnosis of sepsis and modelling Covid infections in Wales to guide non-pharmaceutical interventions. I am also actively working on ways to integrate experimental data into mathematical models in order to quantitatively describe the processes of interest and make testable predictions.