Dr Yadan Zhang

Dr Yadan Zhang

Research Officer, Medicine

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+44 (0) 1792 602881

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Yadan is currently a member of the Molecular Cardiology group, Swansea University Medical School. She works with Dr Spyros Zissimopoulos to investigate the “Drug-induced stabilisation of ryanodine receptor to improve calcium handling and cardiac function in arrhythmogenic cardiac disease”, a project funded by the British Heart Foundation. Yadan is using protein interaction assays to identify the molecular mechanism of action for arrhythmogenic ryanodine receptor mutations, and single cell calcium imaging to assess calcium handling in cells expressing pro-arrhythmic ryanodine receptor channels. She further uses these techniques to assess small chemical compounds in their ability to restore ryanodine receptor inter-molecular interactions and calcium release properties.

Yadan has previously worked (2013-2018) in Dr Ilyas Khan’s Regenerative Medicine group based at the Centre of NanoHealth, investigating the potential of Lysyl Oxidase-like 1 (LOXL1) induced repair of osteoarthritic cartilage (funded by Orthopaedic Research UK). Following this project, she moved onto a new project also in the Khan group which was “developing durable and resilient osteochondral implants” (funded by UKRMP). 


Areas Of Expertise

  • Cell and Molecular Biology