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Dr Lella Nouri

Senior Lecturer, Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy

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Lella Nouri is a Senior Lecturer of Criminology and Programme Director of the MA in Cyber Crime and Terrorism at Swansea University. She specialises in the radical right and extremist use of the internet. Lella heads up the Online Radical Right Research International Network (ORIN) which is part of Swansea University’s Cyber Threats Intelligence Centre. To date ORIN has conducted research on the discourse of the US alt-right online, the development of virtual communities by UK extremist groups and the visual strategies of the UK far right. ORIN held its first workshop in March 2019 which was supported and funded by VOX-Pol. The workshop comprised of an expert group with representation from Europe, North America, South America - Argentina, Brazil and Australasia as well as in the form of stakeholders such as South Wales Police. In 2017/18, Lella held a visiting scholar position at the University of California, Santa Barbara on a Fulbright Cyber Security Award.

Previously, Lella has worked on projects focusing on understandings and constructions of cyberterrorism as well as on the UK Prevent Strategy.

As well as publishing in leading journals in her field (including Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Journal of Terrorism Research and Critical Discourse Studies) and edited volumes, Lella is keen to communicate her research to a broader audience. She has been interviewed by, amongst others, BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, BBC Radio Wales, Radio Five Live and local newspapers. She is a Senior Fellow of the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. 

Areas Of Expertise

  • far-right extremism
  • violent extremism

Career Highlights


Lella heads up the Online Radical Right Research International Network (ORIN) with Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus. ORIN is focused on the varied groups that may be encompassed by the umbrella term ‘radical right’, and the primary intention of the network is to bring together researchers and stakeholders interested in the study of these groups from an interdisciplinary and global perspective with a specific focus on methodological innovation.

She is also a Senior Fellow with the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right.

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