Borneo field research by Konstans Wells
Dr Konstans Wells

Dr Konstans Wells

Lecturer (Research), Biosciences

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Office - 119
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Margam Building
Singleton Campus
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I am an ecologist and modeller, focusing on the consequences of environmental change on biodiversity, wildlife, invasive species and host-parasite interactions. My interests include questions of how insights from demographic and epidemiological dynamics, species range dynamics and bio-geographic patterns can be used to identify key processes for optimizing conservation and pest control efforts and the prevention of disease spread under different environmental scenarios and policy schemes. 

Areas Of Expertise

  • Wildlife ecology and management
  • Disease ecology
  • Eco-epidemiology
  • Ecohealth and One Health
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation biology

Languages Spoken

  • German
  • Malay

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests
Human - animal interaction

I am passionate to share my fascination for our natural world and discuss evidence-based approaches and solutions to address pressing challenges in times of global change.
I am currently teaching Biodiversity and Health Ecology, which addresses the intersection of human, animal and ecosystem health. Understanding and controlling emerging infectious diseases (e.g. Covid19, Ebola), managing the viability of threatened wildlife populations, habitat management or invasive species control requires holistic approaches. My teaching is blended with frequent practical exercises to communicate the know-how of using important tools in research and applied ecology such as species distribution mapping, network analysis and epidemiological models.
I am also involved in teaching the Borneo Field Trip. With a decade-long personal research history in Borneo, I like communicating the multifaced aspects of wildlife conservation in a modern world and let teaching be driven by curiosity.

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