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Dr Geraldine Lublin

Dr Geraldine Lublin

Associate Professor, Modern Languages

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+44 (0) 1792 513272

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Welsh language proficiency

Fluent Welsh Speaker

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Geraldine Lublin's primary research area is Patagonia, both in its contemporary form and in historical perspective. She is the author of Memoir and Identity in Welsh Patagonia: Voices from a settler community in Argentina (UWP, 2017). Her initial focus on the ‘special’ standing of the Welsh community in Chubut in relation to the region and the rest of Argentina led her to develop an interest in the wider dynamics of the region, including nation-building in Argentina, indigenous populations and settler colonial theory. Through her professional practice, she has also gained expertise in translation studies and Welsh-medium teaching. Her wider research interests relate to Latin American identities and nation-building, diasporas and transnational groups, interculturalism and digital humanities.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Patagonia
  • Argentina
  • Nation-building and Indigenous Populations
  • Settler Colonial Theory
  • Translation Theory
  • Welsh-medium Teaching,
  • Interculturalism, Diasporas and Transnational Groups
  • Digital Humanities

Career Highlights