Dr Francesco Del Giudice

Dr Francesco Del Giudice

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

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Office - 413
Fourth Floor
Engineering North
Bay Campus
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Dr Francesco Del Giudice is an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering, and he is a recognised Chartered Chemical Engineer and a Chartered Scientist. Francesco is the head of the Rheological Microfluidic lab at Swansea University Bay Campus. Francesco's interests are in Microfluidics and Soft Matter. For instance, we developed innovative solutions to improve the encapsulation of flowing particles using viscoelastic flows in microfluidic devices, and we also developed microfluidic techniques to evaluate rheological parameters not measurable via conventional techniques.

Francesco has the long-term vision of challenging the status quo by introducing disruptive technologies and methodologies across a broad range of fields. We are exploring new methodologies for the manufacturing of materials, while tackling some fundamental questions in multiphase microfluidic flows. We are also implementing machine learning within microfluidic applications. We are also interested in solving new and exciting problems across the broad spectrum of Soft Matter and polymer physics.

Francesco has several roles across national and international institutions, including Functional Chartered Member of the IChemE, ICP Panel member of the IChemE, Concil Member of the British Society of Rheology, and core member of the Institute of Non-Newotnian Fluid Mechanics.

Francesco has several hobbies including reading, classical music, photography, and cycling.  He is always open to face new challenges and is keen to lead other people that share his vision. He also acts as a counsellor for colleagues and students that need support.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Rheology
  • Microrheology
  • Microfluidics
  • Particle/cell focusing and separation
  • Microscale flow
  • Polyelectrolytes
  • Graphene Oxide

Languages Spoken

  • Italian

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Francesco is interested in teaching topics related to fluid mechanics and rheology, with particular emphasis on the microfluidic-related applications. He is also interested in the environmental impact of industrial processes.

Research Award Highlights Collaborations