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Dr Amanda Hornsby

Dr Amanda Hornsby

Honorary Research Fellow, Medicine Health and Life Science

Telephone number

+44 (0) 1792 513400


Honorary Researcher working in collaboration with Dr Jeffrey Davies (Swansea University) and Dr Tim Wells (Cardiff University) on understanding the effects of temporal feeding patterns on adult hippocampal neurogenesis and memory function, and whether the stomach hormone ghrelin is responsible for these effects. This work will allow us to understand how the way that we eat and how we feed our children can affect their neurological and educational development. 

Areas Of Expertise

  • Neuroendocrinology
  • Molecular Neurobiology
  • Immunohistochemical staining / Immunofluorescence
  • Confocal and Light Microscopy
  • Molecular Biology techniques eg. ELISA and Western Blotting
  • Cell Culture

Career Highlights

Award Highlights

Society of Endocrinology Summer Studentship Grant 2020