SPEX students in Spain

Students attend Europe's largest Sports Science Conference in Spain

In August, a group of Postgraduate Research students and Swansea University academic staff travelled to Seville, Spain, to celebrate the 27th congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS).

This year’s theme was “Sport Science in the Heart of Arts” and focused on presenting a new congress model, as well as hosting an international panel of experts, bringing specialised knowledge on physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, sports medicine and much more, where the most reputable researchers in the industry presented state of the art research findings on their topics and share their experiences.

A number of Swansea University students had the opportunity to present their work, allowing them to develop and enhance their skills and experience, networks and learn from experts.

Dr Shane Heffernan, Senior lecturer in Molecular Physiology and Nutrition at Swansea University said:

“Dr Mark Waldron and I feel that it is an important part of our research students’ development to present and defend their work at an international conference during their postgraduate tenure. It represents another mechanism for them (and us) to develop as researchers and independent thinkers. This year at ECSS in Seville, several of our research students presented and did a fantastic job representing A-STEM and Swansea University. They did their supervisory teams proud!”

Talking of their time at the conference, Swansea University’s Sport and Exercise Sciences students shared their experiences:

Erwan Izri, Mouthguards for Concussion Monitoring:

“Having the opportunity to present some of our work carried out at Swansea University on an international platform this summer has been very fruitful. It has provided an opportunity for me to communicating our research to a wider audience, receive useful feedback and validation on the quality of our work from experts in the field. I am really looking forward to continuing my studies with Swansea University and being exposed to more opportunities like this in the future. Thank you to the Welsh Government and Sports and Wellbeing Analytics for their support.”

Jenny Peel, Nutrition and Thermal Physiology:

“It has been fantastic to present at my first conference and have had such an enjoyable experience! It is inspiring to see other people’s work and has really motivated me to jump back into my own once we’re back.”

Georgia Scott, Elite Rugby Performance Statistics:

“It’s been a great experience both getting to share our research at a conference for the first time, but also being exposed to such diverse and inspiring research from around the globe. Thank you to the Ospreys Rugby for their support.”

Joe Page, OMNIPLaNT Study:

“I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to share some of my work at ECSS this year. It was an amazing experience present but also the networking and meet a wide range of academics. I cannot wait to get back to the labs now and continue my research.”