Strategic Research Aims

Our world-leading research benefits society and the economy across broad management disciplines

In line with the School of Management's (SoM) vision, our research strategy seeks to benefit society and the economy by producing world-leading research across broad management disciplines. We aim to be responsive and flexible in a changing world with a research environment that supports dynamic, creative, and innovative ways of working.

We will:

  • Address areas of global concern aligning with strategic areas of importance both globally and nationally, including economic, social, and health inequalities, climate change and sustainability, and rapid advances in the digital technologies.
  • Build on interdisciplinary research strengths with healthcare, engineering, and computer science, and establish new areas of interdisciplinary excellence with humanities and law.
  • Further embed and promote research impact as an integral part of management research and build on SoM relationships with policy and decision makers in the UK and overseas.
  • Support our researchers at all levels to excel by continuing to provide research support resources and seeking feedback from staff and PGRs to identify gaps in this provision.
  • Diversify our research income generation streams to ensure we can sustain our future research ambitions.

Our Research Structure