SoM Research Ethics and Governance Committee

To provide an ethical review of potential research which involves human participants, primary and secondary data.

An application for the School of Management Research Ethics & Governance Committee (SoM REGC) approval must be completed by SoM staff and students who are conducting research with human participants, primary or secondary data. Where the research involves NHS data, patients, professionals or premises, then an application should be sent to the NHS REC as well as to the SoM REC. If the study involves NHS patients then research cannot commence before approval has been given by the NHS REC. 

Funded research projects must obtain approval from SoM REC if the Principal Investigator is from SoM.

Approval is not required if:

  • The member of staff is acting as Co-Investigator in a funded research project;
  • The research is a literature review or a conceptual paper that does not require data collection;
  • The research has already been submitted prior to this policy coming into effect.

Any application considered by the committee will either be: (a) approved, (b) determined to be in need of revision and re-submission, (c) not approved, (d) required to submit to NHS REC before approval can be granted.

Your application should be contained within one document and forwarded to Amy Jones.

Guidance and Applying

Research Integrity Training

Information for staff and students

For guidance and access to ethical forms please contact our research team.