The Centre for Visitor Economy Research (CVER) is dedicated to the creation, marketing and management of vibrant, inclusive and sustainable communities across Wales and beyond.

Tourism – and the broader concept of the visitor economy – are increasingly recognised as critical drivers of community and economic regeneration, entrepreneurial activity, and sustainable growth. Creation of successful destinations requires consideration of a wide-ranging variety of attractions, infrastructure, and services, in a manner that simultaneously emphasises and protects the characteristics that make places special, distinctive and appealing to both residents and guests.

Our team takes a holistic approach to the analysis of the visitor economy, employing a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches to improve our understanding of how we can best manage tourism growth for the health and well-being of individuals, society, economy, and environment.

We welcome collaborations with external partners and encourage applications from interested students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We offer a BSc in International Tourism Management, an MSc in International Tourism Management, and MPhil and PhD degrees.

In 2021 we launched our Re:Visiting Lecture Series. Please click on the Events links below to learn about past and upcoming speakers.

Professor Brian Garrod

- Director

Professor Brian Garrod