Shaping the future with our Research

The School of Management is home to several major research projects which play an important role in shaping the economy and government policies. 


SoM researchers are collaborating with the Medical School on areas such as environmental management and through projects that sit within Accelerate.

Accelerate is a pan-Wales university partnership of Cardiff, Swansea, UWTSD and Life Sciences Hub Wales, providing facilities, personnel, and resources to support commercialisation of life sciences and health innovation.

Accelerate Logo


A key finding of the SoM research underpinning the City Deal was the need to commercialise academic research for use in industry. This led to the creation of AgorIP, a government-funded initiative supporting researchers to bring their ideas to market. AgorIP does this by undertaking market research to assess the commercial viability of an idea, creating contracts between researchers and users of research/associated outputs, identifying what IP protections are required, and assigning a commercial lead to assist researchers pitch their idea to industry. In 2018, AgorIP was recognised by Spinouts UK as an exemplar organisation. Bringing research innovations to market is a largely unknown landscape so the academic team involved with the initiative are actively using AgorIP as a data source and ‘laboratory’ to investigate how universities can exploit IP opportunities.

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Circular Economy Innovation Communities (CEIC)

The CEIC project will provide support to public service practitioners when addressing key organisational challenges. This will happen through the development of new methods, tools, and processes, which in turn enhance productivity and deliver circular economy benefits. Through the generation of inter-organisational networks, regional collaboration will be facilitated, and circular economy practices encouraged. This project will generate impact of both a practical and theoretical nature. The Cardiff Capital and Swansea Bay regions will benefit financially and environmentally from the project. These benefits will be collated as case studies and the data therein will be analysed by a team of interdisciplinary researchers. As the research will address key challenges and issues surrounding circular economy and innovation, outputs will be in the form of high-quality outputs and conference presentations.


Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data (WISERD)

Much of the work of our Welsh Economy Labour Markets Evaluation Research Centre (WELMERC) has been incorporated in the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research Data and Methods (WISERD). WISERD is a national, interdisciplinary, social science research institute is a collaboration between University of Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, South Wales and Swansea. It has been designated by the Welsh Government as a national research centre. Using innovative approaches, our research spans the fields of economics, sociology, geography and political science.