China and Spain

Many researchers within the centre have individual collaborative arrangement with various institutions all over the world.

Although the centre has strong links with Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, US and many other countries, two of the well-established research links are explained below.


Zienkiewicz centre has strong research links with Tsinghua University, the premier university in China. Promoted by Dr Chenfeng Li at Zienkiewicz Centre and Professor Song Cen at Tsinghua’s School of Aerospace, a strategic research partnership for the general field of computational engineering has been established between the two organisations. The Zienkiewicz centre’s research collaboration with China has started in 2002 and since then it has involved over 20 academics from each side.

The Swansea-Tsinghua partnership organizes a biannual workshop in computational mechanics and computational engineering, with the first joint workshop held in Beijing in July 2011 and the second workshop held in Swansea in July 2013. 

The Swansea-Tsinghua partnership in computational engineering is multidimensional, facilitated by a range of collaborative activities, from regular bilateral academic visits and PhD student exchange to joint research grants funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, British Council, European Union FP7, National Natural Science Foundation China and Chinese Scholarship Council.

Since 2007, this strategic research collaboration has led to over 20 joint publications in leading international journals. Nominated by ProfessorChuhan Zhang at Tsinghua University, Professor Roger J Owen (FRS, FREng) of Zienkiewicz centre was elected to the Chinese Academy of Science in 2011, which is the highest academic recognition in China.

Zienkiewicz centre also has close collaborations with a number of other leading research groups in China, and among these include groups from Peking University, Zhejiang University, Beihang University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.


International collaborative postgraduate training programmes between the Zienkiewicz Centre in Computational Engineering (ZCCE) at Swansea University (SU) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) coordinated by Dr Antonio J Gil and Dr R Sevilla.

International collaborative postgraduate training programmes between our Centre and UPC stretch back to 2007, when Europeanfunding was awarded for the establishment of the Erasmus Mundus Masters Course (EMMC) in Computational Mechanics.  

Building upon this, SU and UPC successfully formed a partnership with other highly prestigious European institutions and in 2009 this group was granted the European Training Network “Advanced Techniques in Computational Mechanics” for training early stage researchers in this field of science. Thereafter, in 2012, SU and UPC secured further competitive funding for the renewal of the EMMC and the implementation of a new Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate entitled “Simulation in Engineering and Entrepreneurship Development”, considered to be among the flagship PhD training programmes in Europe.

All these programmes, with an approximate value of 10M Euros, have facilitated and strengthened the research collaboration between academics of these two institutions through the supervision of some high calibre students. Throughout these years, more than 130 postgraduate students have successfully completed schemes of study and have since either secured R&D positions in European industry or are now working in academia.