Innovation in computational mechanics

The history of the Zienkiewicz Centre may be traced back to the early 1960s, when the late Professor Olek C. Zienkiewicz became Head of the Civil Engineering Department in Swansea. 

Civil Engineering at Swansea University is well known for its innovation in the area of computational mechanics, in general, and finite element methods, in particular. 

Professor Zienkiewicz’s enthusiasm and hard work led to a new generation of computational mechanics researchers in Swansea and elsewhere. Professors Lewis FREng, Professor Morgan FREng and Professor Owen FRS, FREng were among the senior members of this Department. 

The academic structure in Swansea changed about ten years back. The computational mechanics researchers from different engineering disciplines have now been assembled together to form a single group. This research grouping was initially referred to as the Civil and Computational Engineering Centre, headed previously by Professor Bonet, Professor Morgan and Professor Hassan in turn.

In honour of Professor Zienkiewicz, this Research Centre is now known as the Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering.

The Zienkiewicz centre currently has more than forty full‒time, part–time and emeritus academic staff members, nearly one hundred graduate students and a large number of postdocs and researchers.

The Centre is currently home to six research groups, focused on important current topics of computational research. The groups contain internationally renowned researchers with strong links with IACM, ECCOMAS and related associations.