Our Research Interests

Our research interests within this group includes 

  • Fundamental contributions to the numerical treatment of elasto-plastic/elasto-viscoplastic problems involving finite strains and deformations
  • Contributed prominently to the computational modelling of frictional contact problems and to the simulation of progressively damaging solids
  • Significant contributions to research into adaptive mesh refinement procedures for elasto-plastic materials with evolving geometries, and the development of iterative equation solution procedures for large-scale engineering problems
  • Recent significant research contributions include novel computational strategies for fluid-structure interaction and fluid flows with free surfaces and interfaces incorporating surface tension
  • Actively involved in research on multiscale modelling of materials and structures

Research Staff

The following staff complete research within this area:

  • Prof Djordje Peric (coordinator)
  • Prof Eduardo de Souza Neto
  • Prof D.R.J Owen
  • Prof YT Feng
  • Prof Wulf Dettmer
  • Prof Chenfeng Li
  • Dr Mokarram Hossain 
  • Prof Karol Kalna
  • Dr Antonio Martinez
solid and structures research image
Solids and Structures