Aberystwyth’s involvement in ASTUTE 2020 will be from the Department of Computer Science, and the emphasis of its research is on intelligent systems mainly focusing in areas of software and robotics.

Aberystwyth’s key focus will be within the key expertise theme of Manufacturing Systems Engineering, concentrating on its strengths in:

  • Intelligent software
  • Operational excellence
  • Manufacturing process improvement
  • Production and inventory control

Much of the potential for improving the competitiveness of Welsh Manufacturing Industry lies in the collection, analysis and exploitation of data about manufacturing performance. The twin trends of cloud computing and analysis of big data can be exploited to provide companies with a much more detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their performance, and that understanding can be used to improve performance.

Aberystwyth University will work with West Wales and the Valleys' manufacturing companies through knowledge exchange on the potential of software to improve their competitiveness, and, will support them in achieving the potential benefits through collaborative projects.