Our undergraduate exchange with Texas A&M University

As part of our undergraduate exchange program with Texas A&M University, Aerospace, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering students have the opportunity to study a semester of their degree in Texas. This is the first time at Swansea University that students will study abroad as a substitution of their studies here, and not in addition to their studies.

Texas A&M University is one of Texas’s Tier-1 universities and consistently ranks among the US’ top universities. As a student on the undergraduate exchange program, you will the attend classes at Texas A&M University.

This exchange program give you access to understanding the US education system, where you will continue your studies for a semester at the host university, meet fellow students, and live in the US for the duration of the exchange. This will enhance your student experience both academically and culturally, as well as professionally providing additional experience for your future career.

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Michelle Eifert, from Texas A&M University

"My semester at Swansea was hands down one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It was a successful study abroad for me both academically and socially. The professors are eager to help and when I left I felt like I had a very good understanding of the material. Swansea honestly feels like a second home to me and I hope to be back there soon."

Otteh Edubio, from Swansea University

“I did not expect the welcome we got when we arrived at Texas A&M - everyone treats you like family the moment you become an Aggie!

The best things about the exchange were being on a different continent and the opportunity to meet people and travel. And the weather of course!

Being from Germany, I have always had a global perspective, but the exchange developed this further and helped to build my skills like time management and leadership. My advice to anyone thinking about going? Make sure you go to a football game!”