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Discover Science and Engineering

We have put together a series of webinars created for you, by our world-leading academic staff. This series gives an overview of our courses and you will gain an insight into your chosen subject area. Our webinars are free to join and a great way for you to see what Engineering and Science at Swansea University has to offer.

Past Webinars

Applications of Sport Science to Skeleton Bobsleigh Performance

Gain an insight into how Sport Science principles can be applied to elite sporting performance.

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The role of the Materials Engineer in solving the worlds energy crisis

Materials Engineering is a vast discipline covering a number of impactful topics.

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The role of chemical engineers in tackling global challenge

Find out how Chemical Engineers are changing the world!

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This is Engineering Webinar

Hear from current and former Swansea Engineering students and their Engineering experiences.

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Your Mechanical Engineering place at Swansea University

Associate Professor Andy Rees, will be talking about what it’s like to study Mechanical Engineering

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Your Engineering Foundation place at Swansea University

In this webinar we talk about what it's like to study Engineering Foundation at Swansea University

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Climate change and the global ‘wildfire crisis’ unravelling myths from realities

This lecture introduces the complexities of the causes, trends and impacts of wildfires.

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One Step Ahead

Watch our webinar and find out more about how we will support you throughout your studies.

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Towards the digitization of the Power Grid Network

A collaborative synergy between industrial and academic partnership.

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Using advanced computer modelling to study

Discover how extreme weather impacts can be forecast and managed using advanced computer modelling.

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Environmental change impacts on ecosystems with Dr Miguel Lurgi

This lecture will help you to predict changes in ecological networks under environmental change.

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Solving global problems using nanotechnology and engineering principles

Learn about engineering principles that were used with nanotechnology to produce electricity cables.

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The Places You Will Go With University Mathematics

Our students use amazing maths software and do intriguing final year projects that launch careers.

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What does the future hold for women in STEM?

Get expert insight from our academics in Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics.

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