Upcoming RIEL seminars

2019 seminars

Date SpeakerTitleRoomTime
13th February 2019 Dr Adrian Blau (KCL) 'Post-truth politics and the rise of bullshit'

Theatre G, Faraday Building


Previous Seminars

Date and timeSpeakerTitle
25th October 2018  Dr Richard Hain, Clinical Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Care; Chair, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Ethics Committee “Life - because you’re worth it. Infanticide and the value of living.”
28th November
Prof James Conroy (Glasgow University), Prof Luca Borger (Swansea University) + speakers TBC RIEL Annual Academic integrity Forum
Provisional title: 'The University in the 21st Century'
28th June 2018 Professor Sinead Brophy (Swansea University Medical School)   'Invisible children in school-based research'
25th April 2018 Professor Jane Williams (Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law; Observatory on Children's Human Rights) 'Research with Children and the 'Right to be Properly Researched'"
3rd April 2018  Dr Michael Bresalier (Swansea University) 'Sharing viruses and vaccines: The troubled history of moral and market economies in global influenza control'
21st March 2018 Alison Parry Jones (Director, Welsh Cancer Bank)  ‘I take it that your silence gives consent’:  Can research rely on Plato?
7th February 2018 Luca Trenta 'From assassination to drones: the CIA’s and the US government’s effort to legitimise targeted killing'  
14th December 2017 Prof Carlos Garcia DeLeaniz (Science) Prof Andrew Barron (Engineering) Dr Deborah Jones (Law & Criminology) Dr Marcus Doel (Deputy PVC Research)  High-Risk Research v Academic Freedom panel discussion and drinks reception
6th December 2017 Dr Jonathan Edwards (ACC, South Wales Police) The ethical challenges of technology in 21C Policing: body worn video, automated facial recognition, and the security of the Champions League. 
9th May 2017 Prof Mike McNamee Ethics and Nanotechnology in Sport: Consent, Confidentiality and Justice
29th March 2017 Prof Werner Pitsch Measuring Academic Misconduct: Methods, Results and Implications
15th March 2017 Dr Mark Sheehan Getting Clear About Big Data and Its Ethical Issues
15th February 2017

Prof Dave Bewley-Taylor

Measuring Morality: Drug Policy and the 'Metrics Trap'
13th December 2016

Prof Jonathan Wolff

Gambling and the Vulnerable: Ethics and the Regulation of Gambling in the UK
30th November 2016

Dr John William Devine

Private Lives and Public Office: Should Politicians Have a Right to Privacy?