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Develop the essential skills to manage yourself and your workload to overcome challenges and successfully complete your research degree. 

If you need more specific help, tailored to you, contact our experts to receive one-to-one guidance to help you succeed in your research degree.  View the support available here.


Maximise your productivity by starting as you mean to go on. Develop organisation and time management skills, and methods for developing and recording ideas.  View and book these workshops.

The seven secrets of highly effective researchers



Manage the challenge of your research degree more effectively by developing skills to manage your workload effectively, balancing different demands on your time and keeping on top of your research and writing.  View and book these workshops.

Working smarter: digital tools for researchers that can save you time

Confidently deal with the challenges of producing and managing data alongside writing your thesis, by effectively managing your workload and working to consistently meet deadlines and complete your research degree on time.  View and book these workshops.

Finishing the thesis and preparing for your viva
Viva survivors (access onlive via Canvas)



Online resources on managing your research project, the imposter syndrome, idea mapping, time and project management, preparing for your viva, motivation and managing perfectionism are available in the Blackboard Research Skills module.

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed during your research degree is normal. Postgraduate Researchers are welcome to attend both staff and student drop-in Stress Control workshops provided by Swansea University’s Wellbeing Service