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Develop your skills to effectively communicate your research findings both in an academic and non-academic context.

If you need more specific help, tailored to you, contact our experts to receive one-to-one guidance to help you succeed in your research degree.  View the support available here.


Begin to develop the skills you will need to present your research.  View and book these workshops.

Presenting at conferences



Begin thinking about the impact of your research, and the tools, skills and opportunities to communicate your research to a wider audience.  View and book these workshops.

Designing an academic poster - resources on Canvas
Twitter: tools and strategies for researchers
Famelab training and information session
Famelab one to one appointments
Public engagement (Course available on Canvas)

Take opportunities to present your work within the University and at conferences, and further develop your skills for engaging diverse audiences with key impacts of your research.  View and book these workshops.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Information session
Three Minute Thesis (3MT): Hitting the three minute mark! (Canvas online course)
Three Minute Thesis (3MT) one-to-one appointments
Three Minute Thesis (3MT) finalists training

Active participation in opportunities to present your research in both an academic and non-academic context is the best way to develop these skills.

Share your research with children as part of the Reaching Wider programme (swansea.ac.uk/reaching-wider). Opportunities available with different age groups and levels of involvement from one hour one-off workshops to extended assessed programmes.

Take part in public engagement competitions (e.g. 3MT and FameLab), deliver posters and presentations at conferences, get your research into the media, build up your social media presence and consider starting your own researcher website or blog.

Consider writing something for The Conversation, an independent, not-for-profit media outlet that uses content sourced from the academic and research community.


Access materials in the Postgraduate Research Skills module on Canvas to help you with PowerPoint slide design, inclusive design, presenting, creating academic posters and public engagement.

One-to-one guidance is available from the PGR Office and the Swansea University Public Engagement Forum. Contact the postgraduate research skills development team.