Our Research Highlights

We are delighted to have achieved 100% world-leading and internationally excellent impact, showing the depth and breadth of our research. Our environment, underpinned by the Bay campus ecosystem and working with colleagues across disciplines has accomplished 100% world-leading and internationally excellent recognition.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a vibrant cutting-edge research environment, inviting researchers, students, industry and third sector to share in our ambition; building on our world-class reputation.

Our Environment

We promote an inclusive and thriving research culture that inspires an international community of creative, curious, communicative and collaborative scholars who make a difference to people’s lives. Through the census period we have enhanced international collaborations and in addition the university has invested 3m into bespoke sport and research facilities income including a 3m facilities, doubling of Category A staff and laboratory space. We have had a tenfold increase in research staff, fourfold increase in PhD completions and a 46% increase in our research funding during the REF2021 period.

Our Outputs

We have increased the quality and quantity of our research significantly, publishing 514 outputs over the census period. 31% of publications were in the top 10% of journals while 17% were in the top 10% cited worldwide. The most highly cited were those that included international or industrial collaborators. Of the 48 outputs submitted, a third were related to innovative technologies and methodologies and 80% included an element of research impact on strategies, practices, products and policies at national and international.  Nearly half of A-STEM outputs included an international co-author(s).

Our Impact

Our research mobilisation strategy is about ensuring our work has real impact both within and beyond academia. Two good examples of this are the impact research is having on enhancing the performance of professional and elite athletes, through implementation of preparation strategies. We are also working with global partners to understand needs of professional cyclists with Type I  Diabetes. Which in turn will inform healthcare professionals’ advice to anyone affected by the condition who wants to become more physically active.

Our Community

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