Episode 5: Addressing cybersecurity risks of self driving vehicles

In this episode

Commercial self-driving passenger and freight services has the potential to revolutionise public transport and passenger travel with many benefits that include reduced road traffic accidents due to human error, to improved connectivity to remote areas for goods and healthcare services. Yet building public trust and acceptance in autonomous systems and overcoming the perception of risk will be challenging.

In this episode, in discussion with Dr Sam Blaxland, Siraj Shaikh, Professor in Systems Security in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, talks about the evolution and future of self-driving technology; the risks and benefits, and how pushing industry standards can help build public trust in complex autonomous technologies.

About our expert

Siraj Shaikh is a Professor in Systems Security at Swansea University (UK). His research interests lie at the intersection of cybersecurity, systems engineering and computer science addressing cyber-physical systems security for automotive and transport systems.

Professor Shaikh is also Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at CyberOwl, which is dedicated to cyber-physical systems security monitoring for the maritime sector. He is also currently a Visiting Professor at Nebrija University, Spain and hosts the podcast "Higher Purpose" on Unity FM in Birmingham. The podcast's goal is to foster debate and discussion about issues and challenges experienced by minority communities in higher education.

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