There are multiple ways that you can listen to our podcast series. We’ve listed below the places you can find our podcast and instructions on how to download it to your preferred device.

After listening to our podcasts, please subscribe (and rate and review if listening on Apple Podcasts).

Apple Podcasts 

Listen on Apple Podcasts / Botwm Gwrandewch ar Apple Podcasts

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, on your MAC with macOS Catalina, or on your Apple TV.  

  1. Download the Apple Podcast App
  2. Search ‘Exploring Global Problems’
  3. Select the podcast and hit ‘subscribe’
  4. Download by clicking on the episode title or the download icon
  5. Scroll down to ‘Ratings and reviews’
  6. Tap to rate and ‘write a review’ underneath


Alternatively, on a Windows PC:

  1. Sign into iTunes
  2. Go to Podcasts and search ‘Exploring Global Problems’
  3. Play an episode
  4. Subscribe
  5. Rate and review


Android / Google:

Listen on Google Podcasts / Botwm Gwrandewch ar Google Podcasts

  1. On any Android device: go to Google Play
  2. Download the Google Podcasts app
  3. Search ‘Exploring Global Problems’
  4. Download and subscribe to the podcast
  5. You can’t rate or review on Google Podcast



Listen on Spotify / Botwm Gwrandewch ar Spotify

  1. Download Spotify from your app store
  2. Search ‘Exploring Global Problems’
  3. Select and follow the podcast
  4. Share on social media by clicking the three dots menu


Share on social media

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