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AI microchip

Tackling terrorist content online: Swansea experts co-author new report on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a crucial role to play in identifying terrorist content online, but human input remains essential to protect human rights and prevent legitimate groups being wrongly targeted, according to a new report by a team including Swansea University experts.

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Woman lifting weights

New research shows exercise can reduce the risk of stroke after menopause

Regular exercise could reduce the risk of stroke in post-menopausal women, according to new research partly undertaken in Swansea.

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An estuary

New funding for research project investigating how AI can fight coastal flooding

Swansea University research into how artificial intelligence could be used to help tackle coastal flooding has just secured a major funding boost.

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Pictured clockwise from top left: Dr Mohsen Ali Asgari, Prof William Griffiths, Dr Manuela Pacciarini, Eluned Morgan, Minister for Health and Social Services, Prof Yuqin Wang

Swansea University opens specialist rare disease research node

Swansea University is playing a key role in a new platform aimed at bringing together UK strengths in the research of rare diseases to develop better and faster understanding, diagnosis and treatment.

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Dr Helen Chadwick

Swansea scientist among 75 new Future Leaders Fellows announced by UKRI

The UK Research Institute (UKRI) has announced that 75 of the most promising research leaders will benefit from £101m to tackle major global issues and to commercialise their innovations in the UK. Among the future scientific leaders announced by the UKRI is Dr Helen Chadwick.

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Research Highlights

Blood platelets

Finding non-invasive ways of diagnosing heart disease

Led by Professor Perumal Nithiarasu, a team from Swansea University is developing a cost-effective alternative to the current expensive and invasive diagnosis of Coronary heart disease (CHD), one of the top killers in the world. 

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Houses on a street

Improving Housing Information, Advice and Services for Older People

Dr. Sarah Hillcoat-Nallétamby, in collaboration with French research and government institutions, co-led a study about how the UK and France are trying to manage the challenge of an ageing population and what lessons can be learnt from a comparative perspective.

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A student and their mother

Long term impact of studying abroad

Inspired by her own experience as an international student in the UK in 2012, Dr Mengwei Tu is seeking to answer why students choose to study abroad, what happens after studying abroad, and what the impact is of overseas education on the student, their families and the sending/receiving countries.

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Swansea Focus

Traffic jam

Traffic, transport and our behaviour

In this episode of Exploring Global ProblemsProfessor Ian Walker explores the phenomenon of ‘Motornormativity’ and discusses behaviours that are triggered automatically and unconsciously by the environment an individual finds themselves in specifically in the context of driving habits.

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Woman breastfeeding child on a sofa

Mothers taking prescription medicines faced with a lack of information

In this article from The Conversation, Swansea University's Dr Sophia Komninou and Professor Sue Jordan uncover new breastfeeding research which finds that mothers taking prescription medicines are faced with a lack of information.

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Spotlight on

Dr Michael Burgum

Early Career Researcher

Dr Mike Burgum is a Research Officer at Swansea University Medical School. His primary research interests are in regulatory toxicology, nanomaterial mutagenicity, and nanomaterial characterisation.

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Amy Locke

Postgraduate Researcher

Amy Locke is a PhD student in the School of Medicine. Her research examines the introduction of universal free school meals in primary education, with a focus on children’s health and wellbeing.

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Research Centre

SPECIFIC Innovation & Knowledge Centre is at the forefront of sustainable technologies, developing and integrating solar technologies to reduce carbon emissions, and creating buildings that can generate, store and release their own heat and electricity from solar energy.

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Swansea Trials Unit logo

Swansea Trails Unit

Swansea Trials Unit (STU) supports researchers to design, conduct and analyse clinical trials and other well-designed studies. The  team, led by Professor Hayley Hutchings, includes experts in study design, qualitative and quantitative data collection and management, statistics, regulatory and ethics approval, public involvement and engagement, and more. The STU team can facilitate every aspect of research from the initial funding application to the submission of final reports and peer-reviewed papers. 

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Research Collaborations and Partnerships

A needle being injected into an arm

Expert set to investigate history of TB vaccinations as part of major healthcare

A Swansea University historian will play a key role in a new research project which aims to use humanities and social science expertise to help bring patient voices into healthcare research and practice.

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Plane flying with contrails behind it

Experts join international team researching converting CO2 into renewable fuel

Swansea University is a partner in a new international collaboration aimed at investigating possible ways to convert the carbon dioxide emitted by industries into renewable fuels.

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