Available Activities


Motiv8 days are aimed at Year 8 pupils during the last term of the academic year. Motiv8 introduces pupils to educational pathways leading into careers and gets pupils to consider their educational and personal strengths as well as any ambitions or aspirations they have for the future. Skills promoted on the day are group work, questioning skills, creativity, presenting and oracy skills.

“All pupils were fully engaged and enjoyed the experience. Several pupils showed a different side to their personality. Many contributed to discussions who would normally be very reserved in their communication with others. An excellent day.” Teacher from Sandfields Comprehensive School 

Year 8 Taster Days

Taster days offer Year 8 pupils the opportunity to visit campus for a full or half day and take part in fun, interactive subject specific workshops. 

"Student leaders were great with the pupils, friendly and gave loads of good advice throughout. Pupils were well motivated and keen to impress their ‘tutors’’. Teacher from Pentrehafod School

ACE Days

On an ACE (Aiming for a College Education) Day, student leaders work closely with Year 9 pupils through a series of activities aimed at raising educational aspirations and their awareness of university life. The pupils go on a tour of the campus, learn about what it is like to be a university student, and about the opportunities that arise from having a degree.

Pupil Comments:

"The experiences I've had today are incredible and really interesting and I enjoyed learning what you do as a student. I would really like to go to uni now." A pupil from Dylan Thomas Community School

"This experience day has made me more confident about wanting to come to uni because at first I was scared about the whole thought of growing up, but after today it doesn't sound that bad and I can't wait." A pupil from Glan Afan Comprehensive School

Teacher Comments:

"Superb. The university students develop trusting relationships with pupils which enabled pupils to show their talents by producing work of a high standard. Pupils enjoyed getting a feel of University life. Activities were well matched to pupil abilities and enabled all pupils to make a contribution. "Teacher from Dylan Thomas Community School

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