Kaycee in her uniform.

A student from Swansea University has been honoured with the highly coveted Council of Military Education Committees (COMEC) Best Student Award.

Senior Under Officer (SUO) Kaycee Jacka, a master's student in Cyber Crime and Terrorism, has been recognised for her outstanding dedication to her studies and service with the Wales University Officers’ Training Corps (UOTC).

The award is an esteemed accolade given to individuals who have demonstrated exemplary performance and leadership within their respective UK University Service Units, including the UOTC, University Royal Navy Unit and University Air Squadron.

The USUs are university societies that offer leadership and military training for our nation’s future talent.

Through superb diplomatic skills and personal drive, Kaycee has enhanced the performance of Wales UOTC and improved the fledgling military careers and university experience of fellow Officer Cadets.

Kaycee effectively coordinates a complex network of fellow Under Officers, frequently chairing forums and handling issues, feedback, complaints, and challenges, managing to resolve most issues without the need to escalate, proving her leadership, empathy, and credibility with her peers.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Child, Commanding Officer of the Wales Universities Officers' Training Corps, said: "While pursuing her master's degree, Kaycee has displayed unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership. Her tireless efforts and dedication have not only brought pride to Swansea University but also exemplify the values and principles of the UOTC."

Kaycee will attend the prestigious 2023 COMEC Conference at The Britannia Royal Naval College in September to receive her award.

Reflecting on the award's significance, Kaycee shared: "Being a part of the UOTC over the last three years has opened doors and allowed me to experience a variety of activities that have enriched my personal development and university life.

"I am beyond grateful for the recognition that comes with this award, and I recommend the UOTC to everyone that comes to university as a means of pushing yourself beyond what you previously thought you were capable of while creating friendships that will last a lifetime."

Swansea University Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle said: "We are incredibly proud of Kaycee's accomplishments, which serve as a powerful inspiration to us all. Kaycee highlights the importance of perseverance and commitment, not only to academic pursuits, but also to personal growth and development."

Professor Boyle recently welcomed representatives of the Armed Forces, including Lieutenant Colonel Child, to the University to sign a Covenant to mark continued cooperation and look forward to future opportunities for support and collaboration.

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