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Swansea University has gained global recognition for the high standard of chemistry education it offers.

The chemistry department, part of the University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is one of just three in the world to have been recognised by the American Chemistry Society through its prestigious Recognition of Global Programs in Chemical Sciences

This initiative aims to promote excellence in undergraduate chemistry education for institutions outside the United States. To gain this honour they must offer a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education which gives students intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to become effective scientific professionals.

Professor Simon Bott said he was delighted the ACS had given chemistry at Swansea such an important vote of confidence.

He said: “To be recognised both domestically and internationally demonstrates we are offering a  strong, viable programme that is appropriate for the 21st century. 

“This is particularly important for our students who might apply for jobs, to graduate school or internships outside the UK. 

“Obviously, if they can tell a US company or university that they graduated from an ACS Global Programme it gives their degree more credibility. Most people in the US have heard of Oxford or Cambridge and would assume that those degrees are good enough, but this recognition now provides that assurance for Swansea degrees.”

The ACS developed international guidelines that align with the standards it sets for approved bachelor’s degree chemistry programmes in the United States. To gain recognition a university must meet those strict guidelines which include evaluating their chemistry programme and identifying areas of strengths and opportunities for change. 

Swansea is one of just three institutions – alongside the Universidad del Valle in Colombia and Mahidol University International College in Thailand – to have earned the recognition. 

Professor Bott added: “Chemistry at Swansea is a new programme which we developed based on what employers, scientists, educationalists said would be needed by the 21st century graduate. It is obviously very gratifying that one of the world’s largest scientific organisations recognizes that we have accomplished these goals.”

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