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With A-level results expected next week, many students may be feeling some uncertainty over beginning a university course following the challenges of the past few years.

On results day, they may find that they haven’t quite achieved the grades they were expecting or have achieved better grades. Alternatively, they may have changed their mind about the university they want to go to, course that they want to study, or they may not have any offers from the universities or colleges they have applied to.

Swansea University is advising students facing these situations on results day, to get in touch to find out if they can find their space at the university and start their bright future at Swansea.

Vice-Chancellor of Swansea University, Professor Paul Boyle said:

“Students contacting us through clearing on results day are often stressed and confused and I want to reassure anyone who is thinking about joining our university, that exam results are not the only defining feature of an application. We consider every application that we receive on an individual basis with grades being just one aspect of our decision-making. We also consider suitability for the chosen course and whether applicants would benefit from our environment here at Swansea.

“Students can feel assured that if they choose to come to Swansea they will have a top-class learning experience, with excellent teaching, and fantastic employment and career prospects after graduating.

“They can also be confident that Swansea is a place where they will belong. The university and the city are friendly and welcoming and the locations of both of our campuses mean that our students can take full advantage of city life, while being just a short walk from a beach.

“While I want all our new students to study hard, and have a great learning experience, I also want them to feel that this is their home and a place where they will be fully supported as they take their next steps into higher education.”

For more information, please visit the university’s website or call the helpline on 0808 175 3071.

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